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Community Services CHC08 Online

Certificate III in Aged Care Work

CHC08 under construction

Certificate III in Disability Work

CHCAD401D Advocate for clients
CHCCOM302C Communicate appropriately with clients and colleagues
CHCORG303A Participate effectively in the work environment
CHCADMIN305D Work within the administration protocols of the organisation
CHCOHS312A Follow safety procedures for direct care work
CHCDIS220B Prepare for disability work
CHCDIS302A Maintain an environment to empower people with disabilities

Certificate III in Children's Services


CHCCHILD401A Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
CHCCN301A Ensure the health and safety of children
CHCCN302A Provide care for children
CHCCS400A Work within a relevant legal and ethical framework
CHCFC301A Support the development of children
CHCOHS312A Follow safety procedures for direct care work
CHCIC301D Interact effectively with children
CHCPR303D Develop understanding of children’s interests and developmental needs
CHCCN303A Contribute to provision of nutritionally balanced food in a safe and hygienic manner
CHCCN305A Provide care for babies
CHCORG303A Participate effectively in the work environment
CHCRF301D Work effectively with families to care for the child

Diploma of Children's Services

CHCCN511A Establish and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children
CHCFC502A Foster physical development in early childhood
CHCFC503A Foster social development in early childhood
CHCFC504A Support emotional and psychological development in early childhood
CHCFC505A Foster cognitive development in early childhood
CHCFC506A Foster children’s language and communication development
CHCFC507A Use music to enhance children's experience and development
CHCFC508A Foster children’s aesthetic and creative development
CHCIC501A Manage children’s services workplace practice to address regulations and quality assurance
CHCIC510A Establish and implement plans for developing cooperative behaviour
CHCIC512A Plan and implement inclusion of children with additional needs
CHCORG611A Lead and develop others in a community sector workplace
CHCORG614A Manage a community sector organisation
CHCPOL402B Contribute to policy development
CHCPR502D Organise experiences to facilitate and enhance children’s development
CHCPR509A Gather, interpret and use information about children
CHCPR510A Design, implement and evaluate programs and care routines for children
CHCRF511A Work in partnership with families to provide appropriate care for children

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